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Yeah I was going to post something and now I totally forget what the hell I was going to say...

I have been so spacey today.

Well I will tell you about the rest of my day. I have work off today and tomorrow. I cleaned house a bit. Sharlene stopped by on her lunch hour. Sometimes birds nest in the exhaust of my raditor. (this used to be Sharlene's apartment) well she came by to clear the nest out...However there was no nest. But I still hear the birds. they sound like they are right in the house. But alas- not much else I can do -- will ask the landlord to put some sort of mesh guard over the exhaust vent.

what else?

ummmm - I made lemonade ice pops.

Going to see RotK tomorrow with wordsbyallie <-- my ma. She hasn't seen it yet... So it should be interesting. Also going to show her my apartment. She's only seen it very breifly, while it still empty.

*looks around* yeah- it's clean enough.

I still can't think of the original reason I opened Semagic to post in the first place.

So I guess that's it... if I remember- I'll post again...
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