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You best jump far


My second effort. I am not satisfied with it. But I'm learning. Thanks to daliahellyes for tips. And to uluviel for inspiration.

I even made credit this time... Yeah.. Right click and save please. Feedback- I want to make another one- now that we have some nice randy footage from the oscars and red carpet. Any suggestions on a song?

Shadow - zipped

ETA- it's a big file- something like 65mb unzipped.


it's so biiiiiiiiiiig!
Oh I'm sorry hun. I will edit to mention that. I knew I forgot something.
I have this brilliant habit of downloading media files while I'm using my media player to listen to a CD. So I then forget that I downloaded something until something else comes along and smacks me in the face as if to say, "hey, what about that other thing you saved yesterday, genious?!"

So, I've watched both of your videos now, and I've enjoyed them both greatly. "Half fling" always makes me giggle insanely. As for a song, I can't think of any of Viggo's but very randomly, I'm reminded of a night of shorts I did in college, and when we came out to take our final bows, that Green Day "time of your life" song was playing, and it was very appropriate.