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Self affirmation

I keep telling myself to have no regrets. Say what you want to say. Don't regret that you never said what you wanted when you had the chance, when the moment was fresh.

Ken taught me one thing, patience. I will wait for long time for something I want, doesn't keep me from craving it.

I think back on things I have done in my life thus far and yes there are times I wish I had something differently. I wonder what my life would have been like if certain things hadn't happened. But the rules of entropy say that in this very moment, you are shaping the future. That movie you watch, that picture you download, that song you sing, that walk to the kitchen, it's all part of something bigger. I choose this path. With every breath, I make a choice. I could be twist my ankle, or accidently download a virus. Everything we do has an effect. Some effects make little nevermind to the daily lives we lead. Others impact long after the physical scars fade.

I want something. I want a lot of things. I will not get them by doing what I am doing. I will have to work, and use the precious bits of energy I would normally exhaust being lazy. My patience is wearing thin and my wants are exceedingly weighing me down.

I will not have regrets. I will do what I want. I will say what I want. I will get what I want.
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