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You best jump far

I have had a wicked migrane all day. Been trying to sleep it off. Of course I can't stay away from the computer for too long.

I finished another music video. This time I figured out how to save at a lower mb. I'm rather pleased with this one. Especially since I used a seperate music track and managed to synch the video in some spots.

Windows Media player needed. 7.93mb

right click and save

Ok- I'm going back to bed now.


*strokes you good*

Get well soon <3
awsome! i am so envious of ppl that can make vids. And Billy singing too?? *flails*

Bad Migraine!!!

*wishes you well again* *hopes you rest more*
You are brilliant, Ma! I loved both of your videos! You are so good at this!
Awesome vid! You really captured the mood of the song with pics you used. I don't think people use as many still pics as they ought to in vids. (and I don't just say that because the one and only vid I've ever made used them...lol)

Anyway...great job.