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You best jump far

I wrote something.

Title - Stumble
Authur - lalablue
Pairing - Dom/Billy
Summary - Dom doesn't know how to tell Billy something
Disclaimer - It's fiction- meaning it never happened.
Feedback- Sure, why not?
Notes- unbeta'd . 161 words

He stumbled over the words. He never stumbled. He always knew what to say, even if was a silly quip or gibberish. He couldn’t force himself to say these words.

“Sometimes I think that your brain cells have been eaten by all the booze you drink,” Billy smirked.

Dom sulked back into his skin. How does he say the words? After four years and umpteen adventures, how can he?

“Well if you have something to say, say it,” Billy demanded.

The fierce look in Billy’s eyes made the pit of Dom’s stomach turn. The light had turned from red to green ages ago, but he remained still. The words curled on his tongue and laid flat. He wished he could go back and change what had happened, to make it so that he didn’t have to tell Billy.

“Say it, damn you,” Billy was getting agitated.

Dom stood up and licked his lips. “Good bye, Bills.”

He didn’t stumble that time.


Oh my. I literally gasped out loud when I read the last part.

It's so tiny, yet it packs such a punch. I like it.

*gives you brownies*
Are they special brownies?

*eats them anyway*

Hehehehe, they are whatever brownies you like.
Very good, Sugar. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I like that. I'm going to try to write a fic like that.
Guh... brilliant, La! I really like this drabble =)

*snogs you as a reward*