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Arthur - me- lalablue

Pairing - implied Dom and Billy

Rating - PG-13 for self injurious behavior

Disclaimer- It's not real. It's fiction. Or is it?

Notes- unbeta'd, 210 words. Everyone had an opinion on the marks on Dom's wrist at the Oscars, this is mine.

The scent of burning hair and heated flesh filled the air around me. It swirled up into my nose and lingered long enough to leave a tickle. I didn’t pull away or even flinch. I finally pulled away the fag to reveal an ashen color round blister. The skin reddened along the edges and my nerve endings pulsated from the burn.

I pulled a long deep drag of the same Parliament and held the smoke deep in my lungs. I knocked my head against the wall behind me as the tears formed in my eyes. My mind was being pulled in a thousand different directions and not one of them was clear.

My own private hell. Lonely and desperate. I wanted to go back to the way things were. I wanted to find happiness in the arms of my love. But instead, I took the burning embers of my cigarette to exposed flesh to pull myself back to the reality. The reality that I couldn’t bear to face. That he loved her. Her. Not me. Never again.

I pulled another drag off the fag and it grew bright orange. Before the intensity faded, the end found its way back to my wrist. Soon the familiar scent wafted in the air.


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