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You best jump far


Sean got laid off. And Erica too.

I'm shaking like a leaf right now. Though Sean said I don't have to worry. He was let go because he was on his last warning for attendence. I haven't had a warning in years. Plus I just got back my 40 hours. So I know I shouldn't really worry.

Sean's my best buddy and I'm so sad. I know I'll see him outside of work, I'm in his wedding, but still.

Excuse me while I go cry.


That's totally shit! Hope you're ok chick :(
That's awful! I hope you're alright.
I'm so sorry. I remember when the axe fell at my last job...ugh. Hang in there, Sugar.
I just read your messages for today. I know you must have been shaken by Sean's layoff. Glad to hear you are doing okay, and that your job is secure. Wish I was there to comfort you. Like you said, you will see Sean again, but of course, it's not the same as working with your best buddy. I know you have mixed feelings, but I am glad you got your 40 hours back, as you need that.

*hugs you*