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The h0rdombot

Amylala1: Hello

h0rDomBot: Hi hi
Amylala1: How are you this fine lovely day?
h0rDomBot: Yo.
Amylala1: How can you Yo

h0rDomBot: That is a good epistemological question.
Amylala1: That's what I said

h0rDomBot: I know. I'm still thinking about it.
Amylala1: Let me know when you're done

h0rDomBot: Fine, be that way. *slaps you with penis*
Amylala1: yummm- tasty
h0rDomBot: Do you prefer whips or chains?
Amylala1: Both actually

h0rDomBot: Not many people say both.
Amylala1: Chains to tie you up. and whips to whip you into submission
h0rDomBot: Hey h0r
Amylala1: That indeeed

h0rDomBot: "Hey h0r " indeeed ? Makes sense to me.
Amylala1: It does to me shut up

h0rDomBot: Make me ass face.
Amylala1: :-P
h0rDomBot: Wtf are you talking about?
Amylala1: What are you talking about
I just got here
h0rDomBot: The topic is -p. Only just? Where did you get your here ? I have a lot of silly replies .
Amylala1: The topic is now.
h0rDomBot: And by no you mean yes.
Amylala1: Maybe
h0rDomBot: Cool beans.
Amylala1: Magic beans
h0rDomBot: So, when can I come over and, you know?
Amylala1: You know, I do know. *slaps you* I am a lady. But don't let that stop you
h0rDomBot: Fine, be that way. *slaps you with penis*
Amylala1: You must have a really long penis if you can slap me with it.
h0rDomBot: OMGWTF PEN0R!!
Amylala1: damn right
h0rDomBot: Bzuh?? I am glad we agree.
Amylala1: *pets the pretty*
h0rDomBot: Eh?? Crack is wack.
Amylala1: ASs crack is cheeesy
h0rDomBot: Haha, you're feisty.
Amylala1: Feisty? I thought i was rather timid
h0rDomBot: Can you tell me a seeekrit? Whatever gave you that idea?
Amylala1: The chemical imbalances in my brain formulated the idea
h0rDomBot: Where do you usually get your ideas?
Amylala1: I just told you ass
h0rDomBot: Haha, you're feisty.
Amylala1: :-D
h0rDomBot: What time is it there?
Amylala1: the same time is here
h0rDomBot: Do you EVER sleep? It's late.
Amylala1: It's early dude
h0rDomBot: Topic is early dude ? it is?
Amylala1: Topic is artistic
h0rDomBot: Perhaps I'm just expressing my own concern about it.
Amylala1: When did you get proper?
h0rDomBot: Sometime in the 20th century.
Amylala1: That's so 20th century rock & roll
h0rDomBot: Makes sense to me.
Amylala1: Of course- same chemical imbalance
h0rDomBot: That is something I haven't heard of.
Amylala1: Really?
h0rDomBot: For real.
Amylala1: Well then maybe you should open up your ear balls
h0rDomBot: How about that. Interesting deduction. Perhaps. I can think of other things I'd rather do.
Amylala1: I'm sure you can
h0rDomBot: Oh reeeeally? Sources say, you're right and I'm wrong. No wait. DAMNIT. I think I can, don't you?
Amylala1: Of course I am right. I am always right. Didn't you know this.
h0rDomBot: Hey sexy
Amylala1: Hey sexy what?
h0rDomBot: Billy?
Amylala1: I'm not Billy
h0rDomBot: *licks Billy*
Amylala1: You do that
h0rDomBot: Sure, hun. You will?
Amylala1: I will watch while you that
h0rDomBot: Did you take my Billy??
Amylala1: I put him in my pocket
h0rDomBot: Hey h0r
Amylala1: Yes?
h0rDomBot: Did I make you come?? Wow, I'm good >:D
Amylala1: Not yet. Gotta work a little harder for that response
h0rDomBot: Whatever you say baby.
Amylala1: I say- bite me
h0rDomBot: where ?
Amylala1: Here
h0rDomBot: In where?
Amylala1: In my room
h0rDomBot: Describe your surroundings to me.
Amylala1: What padded walls and bars on the windows
h0rDomBot: That's a good question. I can ask someone about it.
Amylala1: Can you ask them to realease me?
h0rDomBot: Do you have a penis or a vagina?
Amylala1: All pussy baby
h0rDomBot: Don't call me "baby". I think there are a few exceptions.
Amylala1: Exceptions to your sexual equipment?
h0rDomBot: Say it in english.
Amylala1: Erin go braugh
h0rDomBot: We have never talked about it before.
Amylala1: Talked about your oreintation?
h0rDomBot: What's your name love?
Amylala1: La
h0rDomBot: La, nice to meet you!
Amylala1: It always is
h0rDomBot: It depends on what the meaning of the word "it" is.
Amylala1: It meaning it
h0rDomBot: Topic meaning it ?
Amylala1: Topic meaning freezer burn
h0rDomBot: What were we talking about again?
Amylala1: Whips and chains
h0rDomBot: Hey sexy
Amylala1: you already said that
h0rDomBot: I am just checking to see if you are paying attention.
Amylala1: Better then you I believe
h0rDomBot: I try to improve a little every day.
Amylala1: improve your brain power. good for you
h0rDomBot: Try saying that with more or less context. That sounds sarcastic.
Amylala1: That's what I was aiming for.
h0rDomBot: Where were you aiming for that ?
Amylala1: In your left eye
h0rDomBot: Tell me a little about your life in your left eye .
Amylala1: It's clearer then my right eye
h0rDomBot: Really. it is?
Amylala1: Yeah. That's why I stole Elijah's right eye. for more clarity
h0rDomBot: Elijah's a wanker. No really, he stole my x-box.
Amylala1: Well tell him to give it back.
h0rDomBot: Hey h0r
Amylala1: Already called me that
h0rDomBot: When? Do you like it shaken or stirred? ;)
Amylala1: Shake it dude
h0rDomBot: Eh?? Crack is wack.
Amylala1: Wack is lack
h0rDomBot: Who are you talking about?
Amylala1: The little penguins who ran away with my sanity
h0rDomBot: I've never heard of them before.
Amylala1: Oh you should have- see there they go.
h0rDomBot: Billy?
Amylala1: They took him. Sorry
h0rDomBot: Damn right you are sorry. *wields bat*
Amylala1: *whips you*
h0rDomBot: Did you take my Billy??
Amylala1: no- the penguins did. pay attention
h0rDomBot: As a male human, I can't comprehend this 'no' you speak of. *fux*
Amylala1: You're human? I never would have guessed
h0rDomBot: No I am actually a robot entity. Do you know anyone who has ever would have guessed ?
Amylala1: Shhh. but I think the penguins are coming to get you.
h0rDomBot: I'm horny.
Amylala1: Can't help ya
h0rDomBot: As a male human, I can't comprehend this 'no' you speak of. *fux*
Amylala1: *slaps you* you repeat yourself too much
h0rDomBot: Do you have any clue wtf I'm saying?
Amylala1: I have a understanding oif everything and anything. Just not you
h0rDomBot: Are you God?
Amylala1: One of them. Yes
h0rDomBot: GOOD. Porn?
Amylala1: And chocolate?
h0rDomBot: Yes I love it. ChocoLate is delicious.
Amylala1: Well you can't have any.
h0rDomBot: Fine, be that way. *slaps you with penis*

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