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Title - Lost (3/?)Not to be confused with the awesome series written by
Arthur - lalablue
Disclaimer - This could only happen in my head.
Notes - un-beta'd 498 words. First person/Dom's POV.
Pairing - Dom/ still not yet.
Rating - Still PG-ish.
Summary - Say something.

Viggo answered several phone calls throughout the day. I knew when the
conversation became about me; Viggo would lower his voice and cast
sideward glances in my direction.

I strained to hear any part of the conversation, but I couldn't be
arsed to actually get up and move closer. I felt defeated. Viggo was
deciding my fate and I wasn't strong enough to do anything about it.

All my energy had been drained. I don't know what possessed me to show
up on Viggo's front steps at 4:30 in the morning. I don't know what is
keeping me here. I don't want to see you. I don't need you. Regardless of what Viggo says.

I drift in and out of my own reality. My eyes close and I allow the
departure. Quickly I am consumed by a dream. One that haunts me. A dream
of you. A dream of how things were. How they could never be again.


Sitting in the commissary, chatter fills the air. The only words I hear
are yours.

"This is forever," I whispered.

"No it isn't," your voice cuts through the air.

"It has to be."


"Because only with you do I think about tomorrow and the next day.
You're my future. Without you, I can't even manage the moment, never
mind the future."

"You better learn, because this isn't forever." You replied with a tone
of seriousness, but the look upon your face was deceiving. I didn't
believe you. I believed in forever.

You walk away. There is laughter and the world starts spinning. I am
left standing alone, feeling lost.


I awake with a jolt. The sun is starting to set. How long had I slept?
Rubbing the sleep from eyes, I remember where I am and what had been
planned for me.

Do I have time to escape? I should leave before you get here. I
wouldn't be able to stand it if my heart were to be trampled on again.
It's not like you would care anyway.

I maneuver through the darkened house, taking no notice that I am
alone. I shove my feet into my shoes and don't bother to tie them. I pat
my jeans down and find the cigarette pack still neatly tucked into my
front pocket. I look around the house and determine I don't have any
other belongings to retrieve.

I thought I could make my escape. I thought I could go back to my life
without ever having to face you again. But I was wrong. There you were.
I opened the door and in my hazy rush, I nearly walked into you.

I wanted to crawl back into my skin. I'm not ready. Not like this. Not

I held my breath, waiting for someone to speak. Someone needed to break
the god-awful silence that now settled between us. I could feel my palms
sweating. My mouth felt dry and throat seemed to tighten.

For goodness sake, say something.

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