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See now- I am highly disappointed. I watched up until Pig orc side steps the falling debris and the everything froze. So I restart and nothing works at all. I can't even get back to the beginning.


Yes I am petty. I waited a damn long week for that thing to download.

In the interim I give big hugs to the ones who seem to need it the most.

To mandi_jayne I am out of the loop of what's going on, but I wish you the best and don't stray to long. Your Pippin starts to go batty if she doesn't get her Merry fix.

To sazzaraz. You're right. You don't need to.

To therealsweetpea You're strong and fiesty. I know you'll be fine. You just need to know it too.

cheribanizzle Is this a good thing or bad thing? Just don't forget about us. =P

stefsoleil I'm sorry we don't talk so much lately. I do read what you write. I'm glad things seem to going pretty well for you at the moment.

kidpenji I know you probably hate to hear it- but you're young and sure things look like they really suck- but there are good things to come.

xecholaliax Kids will be kids. They say the first things that often come into their wee little brains and well, as you know, it's not always proper. Just keep the hormones in check and things will be fine.

merenwen_ruby I'm sorry you feel left out. I'm sure it's unintentional. You know we love you, sometimes we just forget how to show it.

noveltyspoons Feel better- yet again.

dr_fabulous I hope you don't think I was being mean in my comment to you. I reread what I wrote and I think maybe I could have found a better way to say things.

and lastly

*Hugs everyone else on flist* You all mean the world to me. I know we each lead dispert and unique lives, but you've been like family. You make laugh, cry, and think. You give me inspiration and comfort. Let's not lose that.

PS - and just because I can *snogs* little___hobbit

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