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You best jump far

One of the last calls I took today, a woman had "Half Fling" playing in the background. I had to giggle. I had to ask her to verify if indeed I was hearing what I thought I heard and she yes. Her daughter downloaded it off "some" web site. She went on to say the site was one dedicated to Dominic. She of course asked if I was a fan. I told her yes. And she then says "oh then you should visit this site. It's cute" She says. And The kicker- She says "I think it's called Lalablue's Dominic Monaghan Shrine"

I didn't tell her that it was my site. Just told her that I think I've visited that site once or twice in my time.

I thought it was very amusing.

And though the time has probably passed, I am so bad at remembering these things.



Haha! Aw that's so cool! :)
Omg! Ahahahaaa! That is soo great!

Visited once or twice! I almost couldn't stop laughing.
WOW! What are the chances?!? You must have been surprised when she named your site! I guess you know your site is popular! *hugs you*
Nope, it hasn't passed yet. ;-) Thank you!