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So I had the funky ass dreams last night.

First one was about going for an interview. Happened that one of my child hood friends was outside the building having a cigarette and she sees me- all smiles walking up. However rather then being happy at seeing me- she gets all pissed off and panicky like I was stalking her or something.

So she pulls me into the building and tells me I can't be there and I have to leave. I'm like- wait - I have to interview with so and so. And she just looks at me and tells me to run away. Don't look back.

She pushed me out the door and right into traffic. Car whizzing by and I'm in the middle of the road.

Don't know what woke me up from that one- so one to the next one. This one was odd. Yeah

I hate when people talk during movies- I even hate when people talk during movie in my dreams. Especailly when the movie stars the ever beautiful Dominic Monaghan.

It was so vivid- I was watching the credits and his name came up and let out a little squee. However just as the movie is starting- this fat lady on crutches and her down syndrome daughter come and sit next to me. The lady- starts mocking me and teasing me, whacking me upside the head with her crutches and such... Her daughter looks at me and says "don't mind her she's just angry because she's fat."

So I continue to "try to" watch the movie again. Well the fat lady starts explaining the plot- apparently she had seen the movie before- I hadn't. *slips wrist* (bad fan girl).

So I tell the lady to shhh and turn my attention back on the movie. It was a sci-Fi flick. (makes mental note to add the sequence to current novel- would work beautifully)

Anyway. Getting to the really good part in the movie and the old bat starts messing with the sound system. Seems at some point - changed from a cinema to viewing on an airplane. So I tell the lady to knock it off and just leave it alone. the sound was perfectly fine. She starts rubbing her breasts over the top she was wearing and says "does this turn you on?"

Again me and the daughter look at each other and go WTF?!?!?!

Then the alarm goes off and I am no longer subected to the chemical imbalances in my brain.

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