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The Basics
Are you certain of your sexual orientation?:Yeah
If not, why arn't you? If you are, how do you know?:I know what I feel
Your age:27
How often do you think about sex in a normal day?:thinking of it right now
How often do you think about other sexual acts besides intercourse?:same as above
Have you ever had sex?:Yup
Do you like...
Vaginal sex:Yup
Anal sex:Haven't had
Oral sex:Very much so
Fingering/handjobs:Oh yesh
Something not mentioned above that you like:Like kinks? wouldn't you like to know
Which of the above do you prefer?:can't I have it all
What (if any) fetishes do you have?:Hands, leather, whips
Do you like sexual situations with more than one person?:Would depend on the persons
With several people of the same sex?:See above
The opposite sex?:See above x 2
Or even sexual situations with several people of diffrent sexes?:See above x 3
If you haven't tried any of the above, might you in the future? Why/Why not:Yes and yes. Because I can
Do you have a steady partner?:No
Do you use protection?:Have nothing potect against at the moment
How important is foreplay to you:metza metz- Sometimes you can't wait
The Kiss
Do you like kissing people/a person?:yes
What is your favorite part of kissing?:the closeness
Tounge or no tounge?:Well if the occasion calls for it.
Where is the best place to be kissed (on your body):Breasts
Where is the worst place to be kissed (on your body):navel- that's just wrong
Who do you wish you could kiss?:Dominic
How important is kissing in a serious relationship?:It's high on the list
What's your favorite sexual position:I forget what it's called- it's when the guy puts his leg over here and the I come up from between there and then ....
Where is the oddest place you've ever had sex:Behind a police station in a car
Where do you want to have sex:In Dom's fantasies
Would you mind if people watched?:Sure - why not? They could stand to learn a few things
How important is sex in your life:It's not the end all be all.
Name a fantasy you have:I don't think you can handle it.
Do you like having sex...
With toys?:Yeah
In the dark or light?:A little candle light
Outside?:Outside what?
In costume?:Dressed as a dominatrix sure
In bondage?:sure
With lubricant?:yeah
Flavored condoms?:Ehhh
With anything else unusual?:a little bit of wacky tobaccy wouldn't hurt
Do you like this survey?:Sure

Sex Survey for the Repressed brought to you by BZOINK!

Still skirting around with some information. I think I should leave some things to the imagation...

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