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You best jump far

November 21 - December 20

Inside information may come your way today that might start you thinking about improving your financial standing, dear Sagittarius. You might hear of career and investment opportunities that you would never have considered before. What the heck - you're an adventurous soul! You might even consider occupations that would have your mother reeling! The coming months show a lot of promise for you; good fortune is looming over the horizon. Go for it!

Did anyone besides me suddenly picture Dominic doing p0rn?






I'm a Sagittarius..

what if I did pr0n??

... with DOM.

That would ROCK.
That's a fabulous idea.
I'm with ya just for the sake of imagining him doing porn.

*nod nod*
ô.o Now that you mention it...

Hm, I am saggitarius myself... O.O
This is Dom after all. Maybe not porn realistically lol but my mind did think some really steamy love scene in a film.