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You best jump far

I totally love Dom in every movie he has been in, even as a hobbit. As I look for pictures of him all over the web I am starting to question if he is gay. he doesn't dress like any gay man, but he wears nail polish and no one has seen with a girl. I know he left his girlfriend to do LOTR. Even you have to ask yourself why he is kissing Orlando bloom. I can understand them being close, but how close. Please tell me for the sake of my sanity the he is totally straight and just a little odd. I can deal with odd.

You ever feel like slapping some of these teeny fan girls upside the head. This is the reason I love the group of friends that I have. We are all able to form our own opinions and not have to ask a complete stranger.

I would hate to see what will happen if that girl ever find some of the fan fiction out there- her head will probably explode.


Please tell me for the sake of my sanity the he is totally straight

Tell her he's gay and hand her a funnel and a straightjacket.
That is the funniest thing I have seen by far, this week.

Wow. Get. A. Grip.

Thanks for sharing that, Sugar.
HA. What was your reply?
Don't know him- can't answer with 100% certainty.
OMG Tell her he is straight up GAYYY!!! One fangirl down, 3 million to go. We are inching closer and closer to Dom being just ours... *evil laugh*
Damn- I should have done that instead.
What did you do!?!1
*points at person who sent that e-mail*