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You best jump far

The LJ LotR Fandom Meme by silvestra
Your LJ username
You will shag...djjakers
and marry...englshangel
and have a lot of kids with...tuuli1109
You hate...nothing_to_say
and you are hated by...ladyjaida
you have a secret admirer:elanthis
Number of LJ-ers who like you:4,545
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

I have no idea who at least three people on that list are. And I don't think irradiated is gonna be too keen on shagging anytime soon.


Hey, and where am I???
well it is your birthday

so I'll just close my eyes and give you some foreplay ;)
Ooh. Foreplay, huh? Well I guess I can live with that.
good. :)