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You best jump far

One more for my love

I had to do one more for my lovely snogging partner. She knows who she is. I might have to get her over to marry_a_ljuser or at least shag_a_ljuser. =P

The LJ LotR Fandom Meme by silvestra
Your LJ username
You will shag...sazzaraz
and marry...little__hobbit
and have a lot of kids with...cynical_terror
You hate...dmbdragonfly
and you are hated by...ladyjaida
you have a secret admirer:silvestra
Number of LJ-ers who like you:4,307
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Ooh thunder. Most people wouldn't like thunder and rain on their birthdays, not I. It's my favorite type of weather.

I was going to see a movie... but decided to wait till tomorrow- catch the matinee-sp?. I missed the early showing today. Lost track of time.


Yes please =)
Please what? I can please a lot of things- given the chance.
Well... *bats eyelashes* What would you most like? >:D
*cheeky grin*

Need you ask?

*throws you on the bed and molests you*
jkasdioarus jasdaoisdura asklurdiasjdfa
Honey- don't talk with your mouth full...=P

*shags you right off the bed*
let's take this over to shag_an_ljuser, shall we?