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I'm finally able to access my journal at work. Right now this is how I feel. Ken ruined my life. Destroyed any hope I might have had of ever having a decent relationship. I will never fully trust a man again.

Do you ever feel all alone?
Do you ever feel like no one cares?
Do you ever wonder who could love you?
Take you under their wing and discover you?
I thought I found this in you.

Do you ever feel like you have no home?
Do you ever feel like there is no one out there?
Did you ever stop to realize, I never told you any lies?
Maybe now I comprehend that with you, too hard I tried.
I think now I understand the truth.

How can I go on? Saying nothing is wrong?
I feel like I am the one who is losing you
I've tried to remain so strong.
But it is not what I choose to do.

No one before had meant so much
If I could, I would give you the world
I'd do anything for you, love.
To keep you from being blue, love.
This is my vow to you, love.

Do you ever find yourself far from home?
Do you ever find this love too hard to bear?
Do you know what I would for you, love?
Please know I would die for you, love.
This is my vow to you, love.

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