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You best jump far

So I ran into my ex today. I made him give me money. I vowed that any time I see I would make him give me money. I like having that power over him still. His new girlfriend didn't look happy at all. She can bite me for all I care.

Had an interesting conversation with my ma about reincarnation and the afterlife. Yeah.

Also got my cd swap from skint. She made this great cd cover using the Resevoir Hobbits shot. Awesome. She gave some great songs.



I need details on your first paragraph. I just got chills up my spine when I read it. Please IM, e-mail, call, or anything. I don't know if I am psychic or what, but I felt something was really wrong after you left today and very sad, which isn't usual when you leave on Saturdays. Was that when you ran into him??

Re: Hi!

What? It's fine. I got his phone # so I can call and give him Shana's #. And I made him give me money. No big deal.


Just wanted to know where you bumped into him (so I'll know where not to go), and....was it after you left here (so I'll know if I am psychic). Thanks for the info. *hugs you*

Re: Hi!

He was at the liquor store. And yes it was after I left- obviously.


All right....so I get bad vibes....at least I don't get visions!!!

Good for you, though, getting back some money from him! I'm proud of you! He owes you big time! *hugs you again* and *finishes questioning*