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Rock on Heavy Metal

Cuz no one gonna tell you what I'm on about

There is this really stupid commercial about the Six flag park here in state and it features this old guy doing this kooky dance. The guy is obviously young and just made up to be old, because the dance would obviously cripple an old man. Anyway, the guy reminds me a lot of a coworker (I almost wrote cowanker- Where the hell is my brain?)


Today absolutely sucked. 75 calls in queue. 1100 callbacks. Plus my daily duties. I'm knackered. did I use that right?. I couldn't even get online. I am so behind. But managed a bit of overtime. Moneymoneymoneymoney.

I made my own fried rice tonight. Not too bad.

Need to get M&C tomorrow.

I am very warm right. Need a cold shower.

Need to finish silly fic I'm writing.

Need to reboot- my computer is wonky.


That commercial amuses me for some reason. I thought it really was an old guy, but apparently it's just some guy in old-person makeup. It got less funny after I found that out.
I HATE that commercial. @.@
dude, that advert creeps me out as much as clowns & bellybuttons do.
belly buttons?

*scratches head*