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You best jump far

I hate Mondays.

Amuse me. Please.


*attempts to juggle* =( sorry.. *hugs* you need to vent?

Me Amuse You? Ok here goes.....

ranDOM lines from Whose Line is it anyways:

Shut Up & Touch the Monkey!!!

If I were a man with gills I would be a fish!

I want a cheeseburger sum fries & a COOOOOOOOOKE!!!!!
You forgot my COOOOOOOOOOOKE!!!
Where the hell's my COOOOOOOOOOKE?!?!?!

Frankly my dear I don't give a spam.

Go ahead make it cake.

Millions of men in american suffer from cronic *fart* syndrome.
Not only am I a member I'm a *fart* president.

*giggles* I hope I amused you :)

Re: Me Amuse You? Ok here goes.....


Ha ha. That works.

Re: Me Amuse You? Ok here goes.....

I'm glad you liked it I have a ton of them if you ever need me to amuse you again :P Whose Line is the best when I need a laugh or Dom which ever comes first :P
*tap dances*