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You best jump far


For anyone who ever needs to call a customer service line for

Please refrain from calling the person on the other end a witch until
after you've hung up the phone.

This customer service rep will call back, and will make you feel like a
complete ass for doing that.

thank you


Noted. :|

That sucks bad

*cuddles close*
Oh, I know that too! That's like the worst... *hugs*
Sorry, Sugar. The general public suck, don't they?
They actually called back? That's hideous! I don't care what you said, they should have never done that. That was totally out of line for them. To me, that just proves that you were right about them in the first place.

hey - it's me - Kim

I know where you're coming from. I start my next customer service job on May 10th. NOT looking forward to those calls.

Re: hey - it's me - Kim

Hey baby. sorry haven't spoke to you lately. We need to get you set up with MSN messagenger.