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Title - A Bump in the Night
Rating - PG-13
Pairing - Dom / Whomever you wish it to be
Notes - unbeta'd. All mistakes are mine. 422 words. Based on a dream I had last night and it's aftermath. I just switched myself out.
Summary - I am a scaredy cat. I fully admit it.


"Dom* Dom* Dominic*wake up," I whisper into his ear.



He rolls away from me and lets out a heavy sigh.

I started to shake Dom's shoulder. "Dom*wake up. Please. I think someone's in the house."

Creak. Thump-thump.

Almost instantaneously Dom wakes with a start and even in the dark, panic is evident.


God, they're coming up the stairs.


Dom scans the room hurriedly. He reaches under the mattress and pulls the pistol we keep for protection.

"Well, if you're not going to allow us to hire you a bodyguard, you'll at least take the pistol for protection." I seem to recall the explanation given to my by my agent.

Was the gun loaded?


Dom grabs my hand and pulls me from the bed. We can't leave the room. The stairwell is only a few steps outside the door. Dom pulls me into the closet with him. We huddle together on the floor and just listen.



They're awfully slow.



Maybe it's the sound of my heart that I hear instead.



They're at the landing.

Dom checks the chamber of the pistol. Loaded. He turns the safety off. He licks his lips in anticipation. I think I'm sitting on a shoehorn.



I need to remember to fix those floorboards.

Creak. Thump. CRASH.

Liv's picture. And I liked that frame too.


They're at the bedroom door.


Remind me I need to fix the hinges too.

Dom shifts. I think I wet myself.



We can see the figure through the door slats. Heading right towards us. There's no definitive shape. Just dark and brooding.



Dom cocks the hammer back on the pistol. The only sounds that fills my ears is sound of splintering wood, pistol fire, and my scream.

I sit up in bed. Cold sweat drenched, panting heavily. Dom is immediately up next to me. His grasp is firm and comforting. Rubbing my shoulders to soothe my shaking body.

"It's only a dream. Only a dream, love. Shhh." His voice is soft and gentle.

He lays me back down against the pillow and cradles himself into the crook of my arm. He rubs my abdomen gently and smiles up at me.

"Go back to sleep love." He's already drifting.

My heart has finally resumed normal beating. The monotonous breathing of Dom next time begins to lull me. My eyelids heavy with much needed sleep.


On second thought, I will not sleep again tonight.

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