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You best jump far

So I ran over a chipmunk this morning. I tried to swerve, but alas, I still hit it.

RIP dear chipmunk. Hopefully your carcass will be removed swiftly.


that's such a shame. and a shock to the system too, something like that happening when you're driving along. RIP chipmunk.
I cried. I couldn't help it.
you had a nasty shock. but at least you know you swerved and tried your best not to hit the chipmuck :)
o_O murderer!

i hate it when they just popped out of nowhere. i hit a possum too, a couple of weeks back. couldnt brake in time. :(
Poor chippy :(

It's in a better place now, I'm sure *nods*
I know how you feel. A couple years ago, I ran over a squirrel, felt so bad, and sad all day at work. Like someone here said, chippy is in a better place.
Awww! What a way to start the day. *hugs*
Eeeep! *hugs* I hope you're okay, hun. And I hope the little chipmunk is in a better place now. :/
((HUGS)) I'm sorry! I am one of those people who will crumble in tears if I hit something. Hell, here in Illinois, we get LOTS of catepillars on the roads when it's warm out. I'll drive down the road swerving to try to miss as many as possible. Gonna get pulled over for suspected drunk driving one of these days I'm sure!
Poor you La.
I know how you feel. I've run over a cat before. I was crying my eyes out. Luckily somebody saw me hit it, and helped me find the owners. We moved it out of the street and put it on their front lawn, as they weren't home. It's even worse knowing that the animal has a home and people who love it.
Awww. *hugs you* I would feel so helpless.
I did.
I was just lucky that the guy who saw me hit it, he was out checking his mailbox, helped me knock on doors.
His wife was nice too, she gave me hugs. lol.
We ended up finding a next door neighbour who recognised the cat, and he picked it up and put it on their front law and said he would tell the owners for me.
But yeah, it's horrible, i know how you feel.
You feel like shit for ages. I remember I went the long way to a mates places, so could listen to a particular song...and that's when I hit the cat. Now everytime I hear that song I feel a bit icky.