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You best jump far

So Donna- this woman I work with- was commenting on my Dom pictures that I have hung up in my cubicle. She didn't know who he was though, till of course she was flipping through the InTouch magazine that has Dom with Gizmo on his finger. She started to freak out and telling me how much my "boyfriend" looks just like this actor.

I laughed hardily. Asking her if she really thought he was my boyfriend- she was like well yeah.

Oh silly girl.

Oh poor me.


LMAO! That's so great! I wish I could have that mistake happen to me. :P
Lovely! Oh wow. My friend said, "Ash, that Dom guy looks like a wolf."

Wtf. a wolf? a cheeky monkey maybe, but not a wolf. Damn kids. =] Good times.
You should hang up a picture of me there
Send me one and I will. I gots to show off my fiance`.
You know I will - just wait till the wedding of my landlord next week and I am sure I'll have a shagylicious picture of me to give to you... *snogs*
Consider just how hot Mr. Monaghan is, who knows how many girlfriend's the guy's got now @.@
hey...live the dream...just live it hahahaha