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Major product launch scheduled for May 9th. Dealers were to receive paper work (promotional materials) regarding products , service times and prices between April 1st and April 8th.
Some low volume dealers were offered to be moved from a daily courier provided by us, to having to send work via Airborne/DHL. These dealers were supposed to respond to this offer by April 23rd.

Many dealers have claimed they haven't received any promotional materials. So for last two weeks I've been faxing or emailing all the materials that we have here in customer service.
We found out half the stuff that we needed from dealers who did receive the materials and were asking questions we couldn't answer, because we didn't have the same material.

Essentially it all comes down to, being ill prepared. Dealers begged for new program for the last year. Kodak finally devises one and no one proof reads- we found so many mistakes. Dealers are dropping out of Kodak left and right, because they don't like the new prices.

They all complain and they all ask for me.

I pride myself on knowing information. Knowing the details. How the hell am I supposed to do my job properly when I'm not told what's going on? I am the person the dealers call. Kodak has this lovely aggrevating habit of informing everyone of changes, except the people who really need to know.

Why am I bitching? Kodak sent out notice to stores directly saying the program launch has been delayed.

Did they tell me?


*pulls my hair out*

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