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You best jump far

Help please.

I was wondering-- how do you all make buttons?

I wish I had an example...

I mean I guess is my real question is- how do you get the image to link back to particular page? Is there like a generic code that I could fill in the blanks?


Like, the navigation bar at starDom?
No- like the buttons with images or graphics like fan listings use...I should try to find an example...
Ooooh! right right right. Gotch! Yeah, what she said! LOL
[a href="http://www.yahoo.com"][img src="http://www.yoururl.com/image.jpg" target="_blank" border="0"][/a]

replacing [ & ] with < & >
Thank my dear. Very grateful.

Off to make graphics now.
<*a href="URL"><*img src="URLOFBUTTON"<*/img><*/a>

*Hopes that goes through*

And I'm in love with your current poem of the moment. <3