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You best jump far

So this really irked me. It was thankfully deleted before I had a chance to give a piece of my mind.

I understand the adrenaline that someone must be feeling when they are mere footsteps away from a celebrity. But there has to be logic somewhere in that brain. One that says "whoa, he doesn't know me from a hole in the ground, what am I doing standing in front of his door? What I am doing calling leaving messages?"

I have been thinking alot of about common sense and logic lately. It seems there just isn't enough logic in this world lately. There are people that just don't seem to get it. I always don't have regrets, but that doesn't mean that one shouldn't have limits.

Ok. That's enough of that.

Kim and Trevor from work invited me to their memorial day cookout. Darnell is going to be there. I might just go to see him. Remind me I'll need to get some allergy medicine. Five damn cats and I'll probably die there.

Ok. I have a request. I want two songs and I can't seem to get them downloaded properly. Anyone have Dave Matthews Band's "Satellite" and Alanis Morrisette's "Everything" that they could send me?


I think that's the part that bothered me the most. That she left messages.
i agree.
I have Alanis..which version do you want?
Oooh - there's more then one version? *is clueless*...

If you're willing to send what versions you may have would greatly appreciate. How would you prefer to send?
T have the album version which is 4.36 mins and the singel version which is 3.29 mins - I can mail them to you zipped? You want me to use the mail in your info? Just make sure it can retrive such big files ;)
Yes that would be perfect. I'm guessing I would want the album version. And yes I can receive large files. Thank you so much.. I appreciate muchly.
consider it mailed :)