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Be merry / bases by skint

Next time I take the train

I got so bloody lost today it ain't funny. See mapquest doesn't work when the big dig is still going on. I did make to interview right on time though. Go me.

From the way everyone was talking, I had the position. But final word will come in approximately three weeks. And getting in early, I'll likely get the shift I want (need).

They let me walk around the musuem when the interview was over. I love the musuem. Though it's hard to really enjoy all alone.

Now that I am home. I am going to pop in RotK and sit back and enjoy.


Mapquest never works. It once got me so lost in New Jersey that it took me 6 hours to get to Boston from NYC, I was so angry.

I hope you get the job! I love museums, especially when I'm going alone. Altea was the perfect museum companion for me because she just let me wander off on my own, not that you wanted to know that. lol