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You best jump far

I think I'm in!!

Just checked my e-mail. Got an e-mail from the musuem.

Hi Amy,
Even though I just left I wanted to send you an email to let you know
that Bill and I very much enjoyed meeting with you. Bill and I just
spoke and we think you'd be a great fit in the exhibition. So in terms
of scheduling, it should all work out great. I'll keep you posted in
the next few weeks.

Thanks Amy. Have a great long weekend.

*does a cartwheel*



Congrats on the interview! You made a good impression, and it sure looks good for you!

Even tho you got lost, you made it on time, WOW!!!

I've been thinking about you all day (and you know, praying). I didn't know what time your interview was, so it's just as well, I didn't know when to get anxious. LOL....*hugs you*
Weeee!!! La!! Fantastic news, hun!!! OMG!!! *chicken dances*
That's awesome!
*woot* Congrats! That sounds like a good beginning! :)
Go you!!
Congratulations! Hope things go well for you! :)
Congrats La! :)
I won't congratulate you yet (I am a bit superstitious in that regard), but I'll shag you for good luck >;)