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You best jump far

Seriously who names their child Dorkus. That's the second one I've heard about in as many months.

If I ever have a boy, I decided his name will be Jack. Plain simple, easy to spell, pronounce and write. I will not torture my child with a silly name.

Now I just need a man to complete the above task. I'd perfer Dominic, but I won't hold my breath.


Hello. I found your LJ from Bobbi's and I noticed that you live in Marlboro. I live in Shrewsbury. Just saying hi!
HI!!! It's always nice to find someone close by that actually knows (sometimes) about the places I talk about.
Yeah, I've lived here all my life so I know the area pretty well. Mind if I add you to my friends list? I'm going to start using LJ more often these days. I just got a paid account *special*
of course you can add me- I'll add you back.
And on an on-topic note: I'm naming my son Samwise. Poor kid, I almost feel bad for him lol My daughter's name shall be Aurora.
You stole my future son's name, Mama La.

I love the name Jack.
Sorry darlin', didn't mean to rain on your parade. But I think it's safe to say that we can both name our boys Jack.


So you applied for a job at what museum? science? fine art? I'm sure you wrote it somewhere, but I was going to write you anyway. Let me know. They're hiring at my company, same thing you were doing, but everyone is awesome. and you'd be working with me!!! That's always a bonus, right? anyway, email me at home, on this or at work Kimberly.Boyd@sunlife.com.

Love ya tonz babe.
Somebody actually named their child Dorkus?
Wow, what a cruel, cruel childhood this kid will have.
*hugs the poor soul*
Quit making fun of my real name, La!!! *sob* :P