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You best jump far

I took a sick day today. I did nothing but watch TTT. Which is great, gets me anxious for ROTK. However I don't like to wait. December feels like a really long time.

I feel so bored. I know I sould be doing things, like cleaning the house, or maybe even writing in my novel. But I haven't done diddly squat. I feel so lazy lately.

I'm surprised I've even been keeping up with my journal. I wanted to change the layout a bit, but I couldn't get it looking just right, so most of it went back the way I had it. I'll play more tomorrow.


I know the feeling, I've been feeling the same lately, and as you know it's not getting any better for me.

If you need to vent you know where you can find me.

(I added you do my msn messenger, hope that's okay)
why is everyone so sad :(
I can only say it this way for me: i'm dead on the outside- but inside I'm screaming. There has got to be more to life then this.
ok to add me. I haven't the foggiest idea how to add anyone to it yet- I don't know anybody's screen name on MSN
tis okay.

*agrees with the screaming/dead comment*

Only I'm more of a lump with a heartache. If that even makes any sense.
Man, I always have one of those days, where I do absolutely nothing, lol! Boring, yet, you don't do much and being inert is good, right?