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You best jump far

LJ is really wonky. I just found a post I lost like four days. It's the wonkiest thing. I wonder how many missing posts are gonna suddenly pop up...



Ooh and I know you all love me.. Go read

Pretty please. With sugar on top.

And a cherry.



Hey ... I'm having trouble with my aol acct. If you get this before, say, 10:30 tonight, can you try to send me an IM? Or at least an email (email can be anytime). Stupid aol. Gonna switch to something better.

So how you been?


I'm on. You're not. What's up? What kinda problem?
Yay, a cherry!

Lovely story, too. :) Wonderful images throughout, and the underlying "I can fix it." Perfect.
And such a guy! They think they can fix anything. [snerk]
I *do* love you! I do I do I do!!! Beautiful story *sigh*