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So a few weeks ago, this guy calls and say he had some old slides that did not belong to him and he wanted to return them to Kodak to see if we could find the owner.

Turns out the slides were from 1982. Yes... 1982. Our legal records only go back for 5 years.

Well the slides arrived yesterday. About ten rolls worth. We've been looking over them for clues to see if there is anything identifable. So far no luck. However found some gorgeous images. They were all taken in Africa.

Since it's unlikely we will ever find an owner, most of us have made claims to which images we want. I got first dibs. I got some truly beautiful sunsets, and a few animals. I'm gonna have them scanned to digial media and a few made into prints.

Wait till you see them. I really feel bad for the person who originally took these and obviously never got them back. If that jackass hadn't sat on them for 22 years... *growls*

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