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You best jump far

The first weekend of June will be quite full of activities. Saturday will be measured for my bridemaid's dress. I dread getting measured for many reasons.

Then Sunday is Frannie's graduation party.

I was hoping to visit catchme33 because she's got a birthday coming up, but no, seems our plans are conflicting.

My aunt is in the hospital. She is expected to be fine though. My mom is going to visit her and then go feed her cat. So I won't be able to laundry like normal.

I'm such a creature of habit. I'll be moody cause my schedule is all wonky.


I hate being measured, too. God I really, really hate it. It's almost as much fun as trying on swiming suits.
Lala wearing a dress! I've heard of no such thing before! I WANT PICTURES!


I would love to be with you!! Rather be with you than in New Bedford. Damn family. LOL

Lala looks lovely in a dress. I've told her so. (Do you remember, lala?) I miss you!!!

Maybe next week sometime? Hey, email me!! I need some information!!!!!!!!!