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My poor Dommeh

I need one of those no respect icons, because he seriously gets no respect.

The so-called "movie expert" here at work, was staring at my lovely pin ups of Dominic. He says he knew whom he was. Guessed he was a hobbit. I asked if he knew which hobbit. He guessed wrong. He guessed Pippin.

I told him I was very disappointed. That too many people keep mixing them up.

And in other news...

We have this bullatin board here at work in the lunch room and anyone can write on it. Most people write jokes or little ancedotes whatever. So yesterday I put on a version of the movie meme. I listed five movies and made a slash mark next the each title to show I watched them.

Everyone loves it. They've added about 20 more titles. The board is almost full. Will do again next week with different titles.

/random silliness.

LiveJournal creeping into my daily life. *shudders*
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