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We are not special

I've been trying to make a music video - it ain't working out so well. Every time I try to export a file - the computer says it's corrupted. All but one file. Which is really irking me...

My mom is determined to get me together with Darnell. He's my buddy. I don't think of him that way.

Been watching DVD's again today. I must have watched the special features of TTT three or four times today. Yeah- I'm obsessed.

I swear I 'm shedding. Everytime I touch my hair I lose more.

Downstairs is really busy. Some asshole nearly hit my dad when he was bringing in groceries. Fucking drunks.

I'm watching "Fight Club" and I just noticed that when he has his moment of realization- Tyler's hair is shorter then it is through the rest of the movie. God Brad Pitt is fucking gorgeous.

I think I multitask too much. I think this is why I can't sleep very well. I try to do too much at the same time. I'm watching movies, playing on the computer, blah blah. God I need to sleep.

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