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You best jump far

So inspiration got the best of me

Last night I had inspiration for a new story. Not that kind. A novella of sorts. A love story. With a twist.

I even wrote the prologue in exactly 15 minutes last night. Not too shabby, if I can toot my own horn.

Now a request. I need some help. Behind the cut is the prologue I wrote and some questions.

Walking up the rickety steps to the scaffolding, I realised I had lost feeling in my bound hands. As my fate was bellowed out to the gathering crowd, I discovered that the sensation had also left my legs and my brain. But not my heart.

For I looked into the crowd and saw her face. Pale and drawn. Her eyes were glassy and red rimmed. I saw the words ready to fall from her lips. Ready to shout out a reprieve.

Even as the hangman’s noose was fitted over head, I did not wish for a reprieve. I have accepted my fate.

My eyes feel upon hers and they said everything that I could not. They told her to be silent, to have not fear. They told her I would always be with her and loved her so.

Asked once again if I wished to confess to the Lord, I could only shake a negative response and straighten my posture. I have accepted my fate.

I watched him pull her closer in a protective gesture. He didn’t want her to watch. But not for the same reasons as I. It would be a secret I would take to my grave. I had loved his wife as my own. I would not condemn her to a scarlet letter for the sake of my freedom.

I could only bear witness to my love and silence. For this, I face eternity alone.

Ten years have passed, alone I am not. She haunts me. Her sobs lost in the howling winds. Her face never to grace blue skies or yellow sunshine. She has kept me company. I wish I could keep hers.

Ok- be honest. Is this worth continuing?

I have a name for my lead male character, (who's point of view it is) Dominic. (well duh) but I need a name for my female lead character and her husband. Any suggestions?

I also need a time period and location for research purposes.
I was thinking mid west United States in the mid 1800's. Roughly pre-civil war. Sound ok?

The story would be from Dominic's point of view. However a majority of the story would revolve around the female protagonist. The story would jump back and forth between time tables. Spanning over several decades. Bits and pieces of a story leading up to loves ultimate sacrifice.

I have no title yet, which is a first. The inspiration comes from a song though. I don't want to use the same title as the song. Maybe after some more writing a title will become clearer.

ETA My co-worker Jim who has named past characters for me, has helped me name the two leads. Clara and Andrew. His first idea was Elijah. However once he named her and he decided renaming him would be best.


Umm. Nice beginning... it reminds me of "A Tale In Two City" (or something of the similar name). :)
OoOo...I like, I like. That was really good, it got me really interested in it.

It reminded me sort of about the song Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisly and Allison Kraus. I don't know if you've heard it..

The time period sounds good also, I love reading things based during that time.

As for times, psh, I suck at coming up with names :\
As for times, psh, I suck at coming up with names

whoa..i meant names, haha. o.O
No promblem- I didn't even pick that up in the first comment... I'm glad you like. Thank you for reading.
Wow. That was amazing!!! I really liked it. It sounds very interesting!!!

I like the time that you chose, and the area, it seems like a perfect setting for it.

As for names, oi, I'm aweful with names, so I'm no help there XP
Hun, this sounds great. Please do continue =]