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You best jump far

Is it September yet?

Ok one more friend on your list to squee about "Lost".

I love Charlie. Love, love, love. I am so glad I downloaded the pilot. It was so awesome. I will watch it every week faithfully. Dominic is a plus, but I like the show all in general.

I like all the characters. Except the chinese guy. He irked me to no end. I really cannot wait till for this series to air. And I will download as many clips as I can. I will save screencaps. I will tape each show when it airs. I really liked this show. If the rest of the 13 episodes are anything like the pilot, I will be extremely satisfied.

Ok. Charlie (Dom) is pretty prime character. I had this fear he would kinda get lost (no pun). But out of all the characters, only three had flash backs to the crash. Charlie being one of them. Charlie is very likeable, despite his little *sniff* problem.

Stone Charlie is like the hottess thing I've ever seen.

Now I need to catch up on my flist.


Ok, I have been searching and searching for the entire pilot (I've watched all the Dom-related clips) and I can't find it anywhere!! Can you please please please tell me where I can get the entire show?
Suprnova <-- if you have Bit Torrent - You find the download on this page. If you don't have Bit Torrent get it here first.

txvoodoo thinks that if you friended the community and aren't seeing the posts- it's because most people only friended the community rather then joining it. Join here

Hope this helps love.
You know, if I actually READ all the posts before I got all frazzled, lol. I saw earlier that I was getting all the posts. I think I just needed to give it a few minutes. And I just downloaded the bittorrent client and am downloading the pilot. It's going to take hours and hours (and days) for it to finish.
Awww, don't worry dear. It's easy to get frazzled when it comes to our Dommie.

The download gets quicker the more you have done. Mine started off with 62 hours- was done in 12.
TWELVE?!!! Holy shit. With a little bit of fuuuuck!!

That's a long time still. My computer's been prone to getting parasites if the connection is kept open when I'm not actually online. *sigh* Look what I do for that boy.
I was on the edge of my seat like "Please don't kill him, please don't kill him, if you guys kill him off I will be so pissed"

Really the only thing I don't like is the drug problem...
other than that he's cuter than shit and I'm glad he has more lines
than he ever did in Hetty. :D