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You best jump far

What I've learned in the last two hours

1) Just because you know where you're going, taking the back roads to avoid traffic doesn't get you there any quicker.

2) The roads are wet. SLOW DOWN. Your car doesn't look pretty sitting on the median.

3)Turn on the damn lights when it's dark. That way you won't trip and make so much noise your neighbor comes up to make sure you're all right.

4) If we be nice them, they will be nice to us, precious.

Umm. Yeah.


The way you write is cute, and it makes me laugh, but I worry about you "precious". I read too much between the lines. You know I do. So what happened, or are you just being cute?
Nothing (much) happened- just slid on the wet pavement and ended up in the median- no harm done, just got the heart racing.

And tripped over my computer wires and went boom. The lady down stairs rang the bell and asked if I was ok.

Other then that. Things are peachy.
I really need to be there to look after you. Glad to hear you're fine though =]