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When fandoms clash.

I had the strangest dream last night. Angel, Charlie (from Lost) Sami Brady (from Days of our Lives) and Jackie Chan were all there. The dream was based on semaphore27 "The way the world Ends", which of course has elements of Stephan King's "The Stand".

Is your head spinning yet? Wait it get better.

Jackie Chan is teaching me and Sami Brady how to fight. Charlie comes up with Angel and they start doing a Matrix style battle. In the meanwhile Sean A. was last seen eating macorni and cheese. Elijah was doing cartwheels and and trying to coax Angel into the sunlight.
Sami gets pissed at Charlie for sniffing around her kid and tells him to go bury the bodies because they stink.
So me and Charlie go bury the bodies on the beach. And we're chatting (yadda yadda yadda) and next thing I know were fighting vampires.

Seriously- I think I need a vacation.

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