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for starrylove

and anyone else who's interested...

Many favorites... hope you like.


Out of Range


Falling Down

Put it Together

Annabelle Christie

It's just started to rain - my new favorite song. inspriration for my current icon. =)

Everything we never meant to say

Tea in July

Life at the north pole

Comfortable Denial


I'll be guilty -First one I fell in love with

Songs not on the album

Baby Doll

Birthday Song

A day in the park - this just makes me smile for some reason.

Dinner Party

Drunk - Live

Never Better

Pity me

Long lost friend - another favorite

and a video of the band performing the song Colorblind live - windows media about 7mb

Thanks to the very convient and easy to use

And to uluviel who captured all the songs in the first place.

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