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You best jump far

for starrylove

and anyone else who's interested...

Many favorites... hope you like.


Out of Range


Falling Down

Put it Together

Annabelle Christie

It's just started to rain - my new favorite song. inspriration for my current icon. =)

Everything we never meant to say

Tea in July

Life at the north pole

Comfortable Denial


I'll be guilty -First one I fell in love with

Songs not on the album

Baby Doll

Birthday Song

A day in the park - this just makes me smile for some reason.

Dinner Party

Drunk - Live

Never Better

Pity me

Long lost friend - another favorite

and a video of the band performing the song Colorblind live - windows media about 7mb

Thanks to the very convient and easy to use yousendit.com

And to uluviel who captured all the songs in the first place.


Wow, thanks for posting this. I have to admit that I've heard everyone talking about them, but I knew nothing about them. Now I can get in the loop. I really like a lot of it.

So, where could we find out more about them and buy albums?
-eyes bug out-

this has been the best night ever. I get the best Frank Sinatra cd ever that completes my collection, I get new stuff for my room, and I come home to find this post :) I love you. I've gotten one song done so far and listened to it, and I can honestly say I like them, it's really good! And don't worry. Once I get myself down to Waterloo Records(the only place in Austin I can actually get good, independent records) I will definatly be buying it. And, perhaps maybe they shall come to Austin...seeing how we are the largest live music capital in the world :) -pimps city-

so yeah. a bazillion thank yous to you :)
*squeals* This is awesome! I've been wanting to check WWS out for such a long time now, but I can't seem to get a hold of their CD anywhere over here. I don't have a credit card either, which makes ordering from abroad a bit difficult. This is great! Thank you, thank you, thank you! *bows down*
Couldn't get the It's Just Started to Rain and I'll Be Guilty downloads to work, unfortunately :(
I can send them directly when I get home from work.
w00t! You have no idea how much you rock. d0000d! *cleans your shoes with togue*