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I've barely been gone 48 hour and I skip 240. Damn you all post a lot.

I see I missed Dom dancing. WTF? Well the clip from Bobbi (thought not the greatest) helps ease the trauma.

Watched "Bowling for Columbine" and "Eurotrip" last night.

Sharlene streaked my hair. Sean and I stayed up till 2:30 am and I was up at 9am. We watched "Secret Window". They treated me to brunch at Cracker Barrel. Best biscuts and gravy in this state.

I didn't forget about you knivey. the e-mails I sent came back to me, saying they were too big... I'll figure something out.

That was my weekend. Now I'm home. Time to rest.

Oh before I forget- does anyone know?- I have Photoshop Elements on my computer, but I don't use it (I use PSP8)- can I put it on my mother's computer- though it's registered to me?

And why can't I go ComiCon - Oh yeah- I live on the east coast and have no money.

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