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You best jump far

I love the 90's

How did I know he would speak again when it had to do with surfing? And who is Dom to talk about bad clothes? I love Dom.

God I loved 1991. That was an odd year for me. I was pretty happy. Me and my best friend were completely inseperable. I had a major fixation on NKOTB. I learned to drive. I took a road trip. I was carefree.

Yeah. Life was good then.


Oh I know, I was like "I love you Dom but have you looked in the mirror?" hehe

Was he in much more than that, those were the only two scenes I saw cause I missed most of it all.
This show makes me feel OLD! LOL
I saw the New Kids twice in 1991, so it was a brilliant year. But it was also awful because I was in Catholic school at the time.

I had to laugh so hard when he said that about the bad clothes. Nutcase. lol