Lala (lalablue) wrote,

Nicked from the ever lovely dravenscrow

Wearing: underwear ~.^

Hair: shoulder length. Brown with blue/blonde streaks

Makeup: none

Ate Today: Chef boyardee ravoli

Thing Last Said: "I'll figure it out tomorrow." (talking about my setting up the playstation)

Last phone call: Sharlene- Wednesday night.

In your bag: Ice breakers, wallet and screw driver for my glasses

Playing on your IPod: Don't have one.

Desktop Picture: Wallpaper that patsie made a few months ago.

Last watched on TV: I love the 90's

Last website visited:

Plans for today: Anticipate seeing Dom on I love the 90's

Last thing bought: groceries

Listening to: I Love the 90's. (I see a pettern emerging)

Last Showered: This morning around 10 a.m.

Last IM: _laur_ On Wednesday night

Looking forward to: My vacation

Worst part of day: 8am to 4:30pm

Best part of day: 4:31 pm

Favorite person of the day: Andrea- she lent me her playstation

Thinking about: figuring out how to hook up said playstation

Current annoyance: See above

Current Obsession: Dom

Random TMI: See wearing.

Feeling: warm

Hearing: Eye of the Tiger on I Love the 90's
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