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You best jump far

How the hell am I supposed to sleep late on my vacation when my body is conditioned to get up at 6am. Even on the weekend. I layed in bed and feel back to sleep for few minutes. But I was up at 7am.

maybe I'll try to nap later.

I went on an icon making spree last night. I made about ten. I love the way this came out. I love tutorials. I think I'm getting better.


Ew, I know that feeling. It blows.
I'm exactly the same, awake early at the weekends, just like on work days. it's annoying!
Where do you find tutorials? I was looking for some last night (because I am on this icon making kick, and there's only so much I can do) and I couldn't find any. :(
icon_tutorial has all links to everything I been using. Check their memories- they break it down based on which programs people are using.
can i lick you icon