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You best jump far

I've been having strange dreams again. I do remember most of them. But I won't bore you with the details. They're just weird. I mean most dreams are, right?

I feel my biological clock ticking harder especially in my dreams. Lately I seem to have a child or even two. Last night was the first one to give me a husband. However only slightly disappointed that it wasn't Dom. =(

And guh.


Well, let's hope that next time, in your dream, you'll be Mrs. Monaghan! :D (don't tell Mandi I said that! >.<)
*blinks* wow....mmmmmdom

I had the most insane dream last night. I was at work, but didn't wanna be there. I was just sitting in the gaming area with my stepdad, reading...totally ignoring everything. Suddenly I realized...hey, Im at work...I prolly have costumers?? So I go to the counter and three ppl are there and they look really pissed, but they are on *my* side of the counter so I'm like shit...Im busted. Then the one girl starts crying cuz she used to rent movies on her bf's card but they broke up and he cancelled all his card and she cant get anything anywhere cuz she always used his cards. And Im like mmmkay.....(so I'm not busted???)
And then the police suddenly pickes up my stepdad cuz apparently he's gone insane and they drive off with him...


And then the phone rings and it's my boss asking if I can open the store and I go...wasnt I just there? O.o
Aww... seems like half my flist is having weird dreams lately... what's up with that? *cuddle*