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The museum walk through

For those of you keeping up with my journal, you know that I volunteered for the Lord of the Rings Exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science. For the last two weeks, we've had training on various science concepts behind the movie, scale, metalurgy, and biomechanics.

Today we had the volunteer walk through of the exhibit. Besides, permenant members of the museum staff and New Line and Wellington Museum representives, we were the first to see the exhibit.

Click the cut to find out what will be there and when.

Where do I start?

Probably with a big wow. Everything is stunning. The detail was amasing on the costumes. And the armor. I was in awe. Really.

They had armor from Gondorian soldiers, Rohan soldiers, Elvish soldiers, ork and uruk-kai. They had Theoden king's armor. Arwen's riding attire from FotR and her beautiful purple gown from RotK. They had Frodo's scale outfit, mithril vest, Sting. Sam's (both scale and hero sizes) backpacks with pots and pans and elvish rope. They had Strider's outfit and the shards of Narsil and Anduril. They even had the Witch King and a very imposing Nazgul.

They had Orthanc. The Real Orthanc. That was awesome. They had a small Bared-dur. They had two cave trolls, one at the entrance and one near Shelob's head (disgusting).

They will have a booth where you can take a picture to show scale. They have a booth with motion capture. Another to scan your face to see what it will look like if it were set in stone.

They have the little mill from the scouring of the shire that Frodo saw in Galadriel's mirror. That was cool. The bigature is huge.

They have this one cave troll though, that really needs a loin cloth.

Seeing what we the interperter's will actually be doing, makes things a whole lot clearer. We have lots of really good "hands on" things. Including but not limited to, Glamdring, Gandalf's sword, and Anduril. The hero swords. Real steel and really heavy.

They had Andy's motion capture suit, crawling on the wall. They had Boromir's body in the boat. Seriously, looks like he's dead. *shivers*

They had original artwork from Alan Lee and John Howe. OMG, I could have spent hours looking around. But they only gave us two hours. =(

I am seriously going to love volunteering there. There is so much to see. There will be things to do. And the best part, you really feel like you're in a whole world unlike anything you could ever imagine.

Sean Astin is doing a booking signing on Friday October 15th and Saturday the 16th.

*skips away happily*

ETA- I'm an idiot. I forward dated this entry. Hopefully this shows now.

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