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crazy little thing called love

Ok- Now I 've been broken up with Kenny for well over a year. However He still comes around- I live above the liquor store he frequents- so he's hard to miss. Sometimes I reallty can't stand the sight of him. But after spending near ten years together, I still have a spot in my heart for him. I am a fool sometimes.
I have his fish, so he sometimes comes over to see him and clean his tank. Yesterday he came by. and the chain on his bicycle broke so he was here for while trying to fix it. We got into an arguement about him just walking into the house. I set down ground rules a while ago, but does he listen- NOOOO!!!
So I didn't have a very good 4th of July because of him. Everytime I left the house and took a drive- he was still here when I came back. ARHG!
I haven't the heart to get a restraining order against him. I really don't want to see him anymore. But I promised him once I would never do that. I am a woman of my word. But I'm at my wits end.
Just babbling... I will get over this most recent episode. I will just go looking at my Dominic pictures and start daydreaming. On my own.

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