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You best jump far

Don't you love closed captioning?

I don't know why I love closed captioning, I just do. Especially during live broadcasts. gotta love how things get translated.

For example:
While watching a tidbit on the LotR exhibit, the newscaster said to "get your elvish ears and big hairy hobbit feet.." , however the closed captioning appeared as, "get your Elvis ears and big Halle Berry feet..."

Great way to start a Monday.


HAHAHAHA that's funny :P
oh, that is great.

*Falls off chair laughing*
Dude - that is funny, lol! I would very much want to have Halle Berry's feet - and her body, come to think of it. *pokes self*
Something lost in translation....but so funny!

My Journal

I'll ignore your remark about my journal entry. No one else reads my journal, anyway, and if they did they probably wouldn't notice it, or know the difference. And, gee, thanks for the sympathy!!! Maybe, I'll just start writing a correction for every error you make! Ha!

Re: My Journal

Sorry Mama.